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Sustainable Tourism Innovative Training

O3 is the main result of the SUSTAIN IT project. It consists of 8 courses specifically designed for operators in the tourism sector at micro and rural levels, operators who belong to the tourism value chain. The courses will equip them with the skills and competences identified in IO2. The focus of SUSTAIN IT is to build up the competitiveness of local tourist operators (current and prospective) with enhanced capacity to plan, execute, manage and monitor sustainable tourism initiatives.


Sustainable management and the triple bottom line

This course is an introduction of sustainable management, what companies should have in mind when implementing sustainable management in their work.

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Destination Marketing and Communication

This course is an introduction to sustainable marketing, how to communicate sustainability values and how to produce change within a business.

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Entrepreneurship for sustainable tourism

This course is an introduction to:
• Proposing a basic definition of Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Tourism
• Proposing elementary notions on Financial and Business Planning
• Introducing the readers to the Value Chain model and the basics of networking
• Introducing the readers to the basics of Sharing Economy and tomorrow-skills

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ICT Tools for Sustainable Tourism

In this course, we will introduce some ICT software for sustainable tourism and we will present some interesting tools to boost sustainable tourism activity and profitability by empowering sustainable development and other microenterprise interests.

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Case Studies

Alkemia Case

There are several tourism companies in Iceland that run their business with emphasis on sustainability. Some of the larger companies do have a sustainable policy but most of the companies that keep sustainability as their core value are small family run companies. An example of this is the company Alkemia, a local travel agency and destination management company, based in the north of Iceland. They have a strong sustainability policy that is app...

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Dolphin Hotel – Inishbofin

The Dolphin Hotel is a small family owned hotel on the island of Inishbofin, off the west coast of Ireland. The hotel, owned by the Coyne family has been in existence for over 25 years. The family do their best to maintain the culture and traditions of the island and love to share their knowledge about the island with tourists and visitors to the island. Inishbofin itself is designated a Special Area of Conservation and a Special Protection Are...

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Leave No Trace Ireland

Leave No Trace Ireland provide training and education to groups of all ages and abilities through workshops and publications. The training aims to develop people’s knowledge of Ireland’s wildlife and biodiversity as well as understanding their role in protecting the countryside. A resource is also available to primary schools. The training workshops include visual presentations, outdoor learning, interactive games and activities. (Leave No Trac...

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La Mochila Verde is a non-profit entity composed by three partners from Barcelona, experts in tourism, social economy and new technologies: Tomás Ibáñez, Uwe Schneider and Germán Bentancur. For them it is possible to travel in a different way that does not imply a higher cost. This entity was born along with an app for smartphones. Spain represents one of the countries with the biggest tourist sector, with nearly 100 million of international visi...

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TOURISMlink is a European demonstration action that connect small local tourism business to the global digital market to improve the competitiveness of the tourism. It facilitates the flow of information between service providers, customers and traditional tourism companies efficient and low-cost way through the use of modern ICT. The two strong partners in the project are ECTAA (European travel agents’ and tour operators’ associations) and HOTREC...

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“GAL Costa dei Trabocchi”: a Partnership to improve living condition and sustainability of one of the most important tourist destinations in Abruzzo

The Local Action Group GAL Costa dei Trabocchi is a partnership established in November 2016 made of public bodies, trade associations and private subjects that represent the economic and social fabric of the territory for a total of 48 members. The LAG - in implementation of Measure 19 "Support for Local Development LEADER" of the Rural Development Plan 2014-2020 of the Abruzzo Region - is entitled to manage funds for territorial development in ...

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Aliathon Resort

Aliathon Holiday Village has always been a part of this sustainable approach since 1992. They are a major contributor, in reducing carbon footprints. The name itself Aliathon Holiday Village emphasizes the concept of a medium size Cypriot village accommodating almost 1500 guests per day. The management and the staff are aware of the environmental impact that is generated in accommodating such a large number of guests. Sustainability is the most co...

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